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Статья в декабрьском "Скейтинге" 2013
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По ссылке большая обзорная статья о разных фигуристах, включая М и А. http://web.icenetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130422&content_id=45488822&vkey=ice_news

Maia and Alex and Yo-Yo  Maia Shibutani had a chance encounter the day before the show with renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma. "I was walking in Harvard Square, and I recognized him on the street!" Maia said. "He was so nice, he took a picture with me." "I wasn't there," Alex said. "I wouldn't have believed it if she had told me, but she got a picture, so there's proof right there."
"It was very exciting because he actually worked on the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack," Maia said. "He's obviously such a great artist, so that was just an amazing encounter."
The Shibutanis were, as always, diplomatic and cagey about revealing anything much at all about their programs or plans. They did say they had started work on the Finnstep, next year's short dance, right after the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships, and they are enjoying it.
"It's kind of right up our alley," Alex said. "It's a challenging dance, and it's the first time that it's being competed in the short dance format, obviously. Maia and I were thrilled that the quickstep/foxtrot/swing rhythms were chosen for the short dance. We really love the type of movement that that evokes."
Maia revealed that the brother and sister have been working with ballroom dancer Corky Ballas again. In fact, they had spent the previous week staying at his house in Houston. "He's such a great personality, a wonderful man to work with," Alex said. "So experienced and knowledgeable," Maia said. "We got a lot of work done," Alex went on. "Marina was very happy with what we brought back. We worked a little in the studio, in his living room, and at a local rink nearby. We have a really good rhythm to our working relationship with him, and it was really easy this time around. "I think one of the great benefits of having a strong male dancer is not only for me to see visually what I should be emulating, but for Maia to understand how I'm supposed to be partnering her." What was it like to dance with him? "Oh, it was absolutely incredible," Maia said. "He's such an amazing dancer. He definitely makes everything really fun, and he's great at explaining things." Ballas is particularly well known for Latin rhythms. Hmm ... interesting.

Баллас чм по латине, но умеет и стандарт танцевать, так что вопросв у меня к нему нет точно. А любой фокстрот (финстеп и т.д.)  Майе и Алексу всегда удавался, достаточно вспомнить произвольный танец на  чм 2011. Отпуск свой проведут на Гавайях с Майнером в мае.
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Статья в журнале для молодых американок азиатского происхождения. Небанальный такой журнал, ага.
Ссылка http://mochimag.com/2013/03/ice-skating-shibutani-alex-maia-olympic-dreams-success-gold-medals/

Для знатоков фк и болельщиков пары  ничего нового в ней нет, фото из июльского "Скейтинга" 2011. Пусть будет для коллекции. 


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